5 Ways To Add Hope And Joy

March 5, 2022


Everyone has feelings. Feelings are wildly contagious. And that can be wonderful news when there are people like you in the world. This week, in spite of news reports, we have an opportunity to share hope and joy with a world that needs it. And it can spread like wildfire. The light is stronger than the dark. And hope is stronger than fear.


March 7 - 11

  • Monday -  Do your best to calm someone’s fear.
  • Tuesday -    Use your social media or email to let people know about a friend’s or acquaintance’s small business, blog, or website.
  • Wednesday -  Give someone the benefit of the doubt.
  • Thursday -  Check out One Simple Wish and ask a friend or two to join you in giving a bit of happiness to a kid impacted by abuse and neglect.
  • Friday - Really listen to someone’s point of view that is different from your own.