5 Ways To Be Helpful

August 26, 2021


Plants are inspiring. It's raining? Plants are having a good time. Sunshine today? Plants are happy. We tend to wait on the sunshine times of life to be grateful. It's in our nature. Why are plants different? They've got roots that are ready and waiting for the rain. When we see people going through the storms of life, it's a good time to make sure they're rooted with friends and family. We can be those roots for people who are having tough times and feel like they're getting carried away by them. When we're all putting down roots together, it makes enjoying the sunshine even better.

  • Monday - Make a list of five people you will encourage before the week is out.
  • Tuesday -  Be intentionally kind to someone in both speech and action.
  • Wednesday - Make no assumptions about what someone is trying to say; ask questions, get clarity.
  • Thursday -  Be someone’s cheerleader.
  • Friday - Tell someone about simple.help.

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