5 Ways To Celebrate Each Day This Week

November 10, 2021


One of the great traits of humanity is our capacity -- our nearly irrepressible compulsion -- to celebrate. Halloween, Thanksgiving, the holidays as a whole... people just agree with each other, "we should celebrate this day!" The earth revolved around the sun another time since you were born? Celebration! Bring out a big dessert and put candles on it! This week, the goal is to tap into our innate celebrative nature. There are holidays that you may or may not know about this week, leading up to a denouement of World Kindness Day on Saturday, November 13th! We have so much to celebrate.

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For the week of November 8 - November 12

Actions: The Simple Helps to remember

  • Monday - It’s National STEM Day! Thank someone who is working hard in the field of science or technology or engineering or math!
  • Tuesday - It’s World Adoption Day! Cheer on an adoptive parent.
  • Wednesday - It’s Forget-Me-Not Day! Let someone know that even though you haven’t been in touch lately, you care.
  • Thursday - It’s Veterans Day! Thank a man or woman who served in the U.S. armed forces.
  • Friday - It’s Chicken Soup For The Soul Day! Thank someone who brings  you comfort.

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