5 Ways To Fill This Week With Love

February 9, 2022


The week of Valentine's is here, and heart-shaped decorations are all around to remind us. It's easy to remember (for good or bad) the romantic love that Valentine's Day celebrates. But that's only one kind of love, and it's rarely that kind of love that changes the world. This week let's celebrate the kind of love that makes life better for everyone around us. Giving our time, encouragement, and simple help will fill this week with more love than heart-shaped decorations ever could.

  • Monday - Wish everyone you see a Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Tuesday -  Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.
  • Wednesday -  Apologize to someone. You know who.
  • Thursday -  Give someone a second chance.
  • Friday -  Give a good word to someone who is having a bad day.