5 Ways To Give December A Great Start

November 30, 2020


We're entering into the last month of 2020. It was a year with so many oddities that it sometimes felt like living through a historical error. It wasn't only error, though. There were bright spots of love and kindness. At times, 2020 felt like long and unbroken periods of discouragement. But times like these make every act of simple help shine that much brighter. This year may have had some errors, but we're balancing the ledger every time we choose to help. So let's go help somebody this week!

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- Add the hashtag "#simplehelp" to any related post on social media. Use it, and the whole tribe of helpers can easily see ways we are making a difference!

For the week of November 30 - December 4

Actions: The Simple Helps to remember

  • Monday - Clean up someone else’s mess. Bonus points for not mentioning that you did.
  • Tuesday - Put an extra coat or blanket in your car so you can give it to someone who’s cold.
  • Wednesday - Don’t nag anyone about anything.
  • Thursday - Look up from your phone while someone is talking to you.
  • Friday - Leave a prepackaged snack or drink for your mailman with a note to thank them for their hard work this holiday season.

Be awesome. Make someone's day. Share this with your friends. Join the rest of us this week and go help somebody! To see each day’s Simple.Help in your Facebook feed Monday through Friday click here and hit “LIKE” or follow Simple.Help on Instagram!