5 Ways To Help

September 12, 2021


The first day of a diet is hungry work. The first trip to the gym is hard work. But the first steps towards being a person who tries to find ways to help? It can be exhausting work. But it gets easier. It's not just that forming a habit makes it easier to continue. It's the good feelings, the happy memories, the positive reinforcement! It's more fun to do something... fun! There are few things more fulfilling than helping those around us. It's hard to start, but it gets so much easier the more you do. 
  • Monday -  Tell someone “don’t give up!”
  • Tuesday - Help someone resolve a frustration they have with a person or situation.
  • Wednesday - Tell someone that they have a beautiful smile! 
  • Thursday -  Let someone else have their way without putting up a fight about it.
  • Friday -  Do your best to calm someone’s fear.