5 Ways To Listen And Speak In A Way That Helps

May 3, 2020

Two ears and one mouth

If we ask a parent why we have two ears and one mouth, it's because we should listen twice as much as we talk. If we ask a biologist, however, it's because two ears provide useful stereo for locating the sound source. And because we can project and direct our voice better with just one mouth. Then we'd realize the parent was right all along, because we would've never learned those biology factoids without listening! This week is about listening first and second, then speaking third. It's a simple way to help make the world better. And bonus, our ears and mouth were built for this.

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For the week of May 4 - May 8

Actions: The Simple Helps to remember

  • Monday - Listen to someone without having to add your own story to what they’ve said.
  • Tuesday - Learn something new and share it with a friend. You can start here.
  • Wednesday - Let someone have their way without rolling your eyes or sighing.
  • Thursday - Ask someone to tell you about their pet.
  • Friday - Lighten the mood; engage someone with a joke. Don’t know any? Here you go: JOKES

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