5 Ways To Make Your Home A Place To Spread Cheer

April 24, 2020

Home vs. Away

We're all still staying home, and there are two ways to look at that when it comes to helping others. A glass half-full that's out of reach or a glass half-full that's right at hand. (Yes, the glass is always half-full... this is Simple Help!😃) Helping others is going to be simple or complicated depending on how you look at being stuck at home. In sports, playing away games is harder for lots of reasons: unfamiliar settings, unpredictable crowds, or maybe just being tired from the trip. And that's where we have some good news! Helping other people this week doesn't have to be an away game. From the comfort of our own homes, we can brighten people's lives with this week's Simple Helps. We've got home field advantage to make this week count!

Don't Forget:

- You can reference Simple Help using "@gohelpsomebody" on FB, Twitter or Instagram.

- Add the hashtag "#simplehelp" to any related post on social media. Use it, and the whole tribe of helpers can easily see ways we are making a difference!

For the week of April 20 - April 24

Actions: The Simple Helps to remember

  • Monday - Check in with someone who is alone.
  • Tuesday - Keep helping everyone by staying home, practicing social distancing, and washing your hands.
  • Wednesday - Thank a person who makes your life easier.
  • Thursday - Clean up someone’s mess today.
  • Friday - Email your Simple Help suggestions to info@simple.help. Suggestions should take less than 5 minutes and cost less than $5.

Be awesome. Make someone's day. Join the rest of us this week and go help somebody! To see each day’s Simple.Help in your Facebook feed Monday through Friday click here and hit “LIKE” or follow Simple.Help on Instagram!